Regulators to be Grilled.

The Law Society Gazette has reported:

“The legal sector’s main regulators and representative bodies are to be grilled by an influential cross-party group of MPs – which wants suggestions on what to question them on.

Legal chiefs will be questioned on the performance of the regulators, the professional bodies’ relationship with the regulators, the legal and institutional framework underpinning regulation, the role of regulation in supporting access to justice, how to improve the service provided to consumers Also reported that and the health of the professions.

On 28 November, the committee will hear from the Bar Council, BSB, CILEX and CILEx Regulation. On 5 December, the Law Society, SRA and LSB will give evidence.”

Sarah Mumford, a respected solicitor specialising in regulatory matters, commented in response to the article:

“The Justice Committee is influential, and I agree with the other posters who say that we should not waste this opportunity. The SRA’s latest statement represents a change in tone, but the consequences for consumers, let alone our profession, are too serious for them to mark their homework. A ‘creditors committee’ or wise owl team, as several of us have been advocating since the start of this mess, should be appointed: not only will they represent the interests of the profession in the short/medium term, but should then report back to the Justice Committee about lessons learned. Even if we all end up subsidising this fraud, innocent people will have to wait for their claims to be considered, and there is nothing to stop it from happening again and again if the SRA have, as is reported, ‘growing confidence’ that they did all they could. The proposal to regulate Cilex members should be put on hold. I for one am not asking for more regulation, just better regulation.”

The Property Lawyers Action Group (PLAG) feels that there is an opportunity for ordinary solicitors to put their suggested questions to members of this important committee, but time is tight. Questions must be with the Clerk by the 22nd of November next.

So PLAG is coordinating suggested questions. Lawyers can either join PLAG via its LinkedIn account and feed questions into its ‘Discourse’ Forum, or via email to contact@plactiongroup.co.uk

The Property Lawyers Action Group – (plactiongroup.co.uk)

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